Qi.Golf 1 Training: All You Need To Build An Effortless and Repeating Golf Swing

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The Qi.Golf Training: 

  • Based on...
  • Qi.Golf Swing Training
  • Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual HEALTH.


There's Nothing Like It

Increase Energy

Unlike every other form of of training, Qi.Golf Training actually increases energy throughout the routines and drills. You'll feel better every day.


Qi.Golf will retrain your mind - body connection through it's routines and drills to connect your Qi Golf training to your golf swing 


Qi.Golf training will simplify your approach to everything golf: fitness, practice, playing. No more paralysis by analysis. You'll let it go with amazing results.

Easy To Do

The Qi.Golf training is easy to do. It requires no new equipment. Qi.Golf can be done at home or on the range. The daily time commitment can be completed on your terms.

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Introduction to Qi.Golf 

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Qi.Golf 1 Video Training

This is the course that covers all basic aspects of Qi.Golf including qigong, golf swing and yoga strengthening routines including moving meditations. 40 plus hours of training and daily routines.
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