What Is Qi.Golf

Qi.GOLF is brand new golf training system which utilizes ancient eastern philosophy.
Qi.Golf is based upon Qigong, Yoga and other exercises relating directly to the golf swing, achieving health and fitness through your mind - body connection to swing naturally. 

Qi is the Force

Qi (chee) is the universal energy that surrounds and embraces all manifestations of energy such as earth, light, thought and emotion.

Life is a gathering of Qi. When Golf is Life,



Qi.Golf  Builds Effortless, Painless & Repeatable Golf Swings

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Qi.Golf - The Poem

Qi.Golf, a game of skill and grace

A union of two ancient practices

Qigong and golf, a perfect pair

Improving both body and mind, beyond compare


Swinging the club with ease and flow

Mind clear and focused, ready to go

On the green, calm and serene

Thanks to Qi.Golf, the game is clean


The energy flows, the Qi within

Helping to focus, begin to win

Qi.Golf, a game for all to play

Bringing joy, balance, and ease each day.

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Qi.Golf Trainings are designed for golfers looking to improve their flexibility, balance, core strength and cardiovascular health.

Qi.Golf is based on...

  • Qigong
  • Yoga
  • Meditation, and
  • Swing Training

Play and Practice without PAIN!


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Increase Energy

Unlike every other form of fitness training, Qi.Golf fitness actually increases energy throughout the routines and drills. You'll feel better every day.


Qi.Golf will retrain your mind - body connection through it's routines and drills to connect your Qi Golf training to your golf swing 


Qi.Golf training will simplify your approach to everything golf: fitness, practice, playing. No more paralysis by analysis. You'll let it go with amazing results.

Easy To Do

The Qi.Golf training is easy to do. It requires no new equipment. Qi.Golf can be done at home or on the range. The daily time commitment can be completed on your terms.

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Qi.GOLF Training - Video Course

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