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Welcome to Qi.Golf! Our platform offers caddy registration services for Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and other destination golf venues. We call our caddies "Sherpas" because they guide you through the course just like the Sherpas who guide climbers up Mount Everest. Our Sherpas are experienced and knowledgeable about the course, and they will help you navigate the terrain and give you tips to improve your game.

At Qi.Golf, we understand that golfers want the best possible experience when they visit a destination golf resort. That's why we provide top-notch Sherpa  services to enhance your golfing experience. Our Sherpas are not only experienced caddies, but also friendly and attentive individuals who will make your day on the course even more enjoyable.

To request a Sherpa, simply visit our website and select your desired destination golf resort. You can then choose the date and time of your round and select a Sherpa who best fits your needs. We have a variety of Sherpas available, from those who specialize in beginner golfers to those who have experience with professional golfers.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, our Sherpas will make sure you have a great time on the course. So, come and experience the best golfing experience with Qi.Golf!

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