Qi.Golf is an all-in-one training combining qigong, tai chi, golf swing, and yoga.

  • Holistic approach to golf training, cultivating energy through , physical strength, and mental¬†
  • With Qi.Golf, you will integrate the principles of qigong and yoga into your golf swing, resulting in a more powerful and consistent game.
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Retune YOUR Golf Engine

 Want to get into the Best Shape of your Life?

Want to have the Smoothest Golf Swing you have ever had?

What if You could have BOTH with Half the Effort AND TIME Commitment...









Qi.Golf retrains your body and your mind to create better balance while in motion.

Qi.Golf  focuses on FLEXIBILITY.  This Loosens Your Muscles, Joints and Ligaments, eliminating compensation patterns that are the cause of golf related pain, such as lower back.

You see, while other Golf Fitness Instructors talk about building Strength and Speed, It is the Flexibility and Balance portions which must come First


Qi.Golf makes golf fun again!

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Qi.Golf - Play Pain Free 

Trains your body to be aligned and balanced while in motion.

Repairs Injuries and Eliminates Pain

Easy to Do


Qi.Golf can be done anywhere, anytime



Qi.Golf  Trainings are revolutionary even though Qigong, the basis for Qi.Golf,  is Centuries old.

Just as Yoda says, "You must unlearn what you have Learned."  Most golfers learn how to swing a club the wrong way.  Practice Makes Permanent!

 It's that simple.

Qi.Golf Conscious Mind Training is 30 Days to the Best and Most Natural Swing You Have Ever Possessed

This is Qi Golf Basic Training


As golfers, we realize that being healthy is a prerequisite to play our best. With a retrained body plus a trained swing pattern, you have the basis for a game that travels and more enjoyment in golf.

You can be the best you can be by following these simple Qi.Golf principles:

  1. Train to Flow with Qi to tap into a higher power
  2. Train the intuitive Qi.Golf swinging motion that clears your mind of conscious swing thought
  3. Let Go, Find Your Center and Be the Ball. Enjoy the Journey!

Qi.Golf Trainings

When you incorporate Qi.Golf into your day you will:

  • Minimize and eventually eliminate pain
  • Feel better and more energetic each and every day
  • You can do¬†Qi.Golf¬†¬†anywhere, any time
  • ¬†Maximize Time Efficiency - All 3 in ONE
    • Gym
    • Range
    • On Course


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Finally, a True All Inclusive Golf Membership - Qi.Golf Workout - Full Access to New and LIVE Trainings - Network


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